Lady Injures NECK Doing CityGirls Twerk Problem! (Video)


A disturbing video has simply been launched – exhibiting a girl practically snapping her neck making an attempt to win a $25Okay Twerk Problem that was placed on by the Metropolis Ladies.

A twerk dancer managed to win the cash, however she got here near shedding her life making an attempt to win the prize. The dancer, a Jamaican Dancehall dancer named HeadTop, sprained her neck taking residence the prize cash.

Nevertheless it might have been a lot worse. Headtop was doing a headstand, and she or he tried to fall backwards. Sadly, her head folder beneath the load, and her neck bent ALL THE WAY BACK.

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Her neck was a mere couple of centimeters from snapping – which might have led to paralysis or demise.

However Headtop managed to outlive the incident. She was taken to the hospital afterwards with a neck sprain. However she’s $25Okay richer.

This is the video, exhibiting the lady injuring her neck:

This is the total video:

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