Keep in mind Trainer Bae . . . Now She's 'Single Mama Bae' !


Patrice Brown, a fantastic trainer from Atlanta, turned the a social media sensation referred to as “trainer bae” final yr. And now that new pics present that Patrice is pregnant, she’s going viral once more. However this time for not so flattering a purpose.

Some folks on social media are attempting to SHAME Patrice for getting pregnant outdoors of a wedding. They’re even calling her #SingleMamaBae.

Take a look at this viral publish on Twitter, an apparent try at shaming the lady. Its being shared throughout social media.

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However the Twitter being pregnant shakers have all of it fallacious. Patrice IS in a wholesome relationship with the daddy of her little one, in accordance with her social media posts.

And whereas she admits that the being pregnant was “sudden”, everybody is happy in regards to the new child.

This is a publish displaying Patrice speaking about how comfortable she and her babys father are in regards to the being pregnant:

Patrice additionally opened up on social media about shedding her father this yr. Based on Patrice, her new child is bringing pleasure to the household after “having a serious loss.”

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