Listed below are four Info About Film Theater Screens You Could Not Have Identified


Consider it or not, folks nonetheless like going to film theaters to see motion pictures. I do know I’d like to go extra typically than I do. Having the nice sound and the enormous display are big pulls for me. Nonetheless, I lately got here throughout an article over on ComingSoon that I discovered fascinating, so I assumed I’d share some highlights. The article talks about four issues that many individuals (together with myself) don’t find out about theater screens.

How Screens Overcome Totally different Side Ratios

Scope and flat are the 2 important facet ratios utilized by filmmakers. Flat is the generally identified 16:9 whereas scope is wider. So as to enable any film in any theater with out worries about displaying pillarboxing or letterboxing which will be distracting for viewers, theaters use curtains to masks the black bars. These curtains are movable which permits simple adaptation for any movie.

There are Tiny Holes in Screens for Audio system

Do you know there are audio system behind theater screens? I didn’t. I at all times simply thought the sound got here from the edges and again and possibly even the ceiling. Nonetheless, it seems that there are audio system instantly behind the display. To ensure that the sound to be clear although, there are a number of tiny, unnoticeable holes within the display for the sound waves to go by means of simply.

Most Screens are Not Utterly White/Silver

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Most theater screens are pearlescent which isn’t utterly silver or white. Being pearlescent gives glorious distinction with out the movie being too vivid. In accordance with the article, a pure white display isn’t reflective which makes the picture too dim for good viewing.

Some Screens Float

Floating screens are extra outstanding in IMAX and different giant codecs, however that’s not their solely use. The issue with floating screens although is that it’s subsequent to not possible to make use of masking with floating screens. Which means you’re more likely to see these terrible black bars. The one benefit to a floating display over a wall mounted display is solely the bodily restrict imposed by the wall.

Did you study something from this text? I do know I did.

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