The Blacklist – Robert Diaz – Evaluation


6.22 – “Robert Diaz”
Written by Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath and Lukas Reiter
Directed by Invoice Roe
Reviewed by KathM

I don’t assume you get it. I get my workforce out of right here. We’re stopping the President from killing himself, after which I’m going to the shop for each princess pillow, comforter, backpack, toothbrush, and pajamas I can discover so my house’s prepared when Agnes will get dwelling. Do you perceive me?

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Liz has quite a bit happening proper now. Whereas I personally want Dora the Explorer, Liz wants Relya to assist her with the primary two gadgets on her checklist. Though I’d like to see the depth and breadth of his information of princesses and the advertising thereof.

The impression I get is that everybody appreciated the episode. To me it was extra of a sequence of highs and lows, ending with an fascinating improvement. It goes like this:

  • Cool – Evil Anna McMahon has the workforce (sans Liz) locked in varied rooms all through the Publish Workplace. She’s feeling all smug, however she’s underestimated the form of crew Relya can pull along with a bit of assist from his associates. On this case we now have Tadashi Ito (a prodigy with the scary mother from S5 ep12, “The Prepare dinner”) and Maxwell Ruddiger, the largely intoxicated explosives man. Ruddiger has his personal workforce assembled, a gaggle of 5 extraordinarily excited German males who can’t wait to blow their method via concrete and metal generally known as The Shadow 5 (“These guys robbed the Banco Central!”). That is what I really like; Relya drawing on these disparate folks with unbelievable talents and sometimes imprecise origin tales. It’s why I cherished so lots of the early episodes, when every part Liz realized about how Rel labored and the folks he utilized to assist him was new to her and to us. And its why “Robert Vesco” is considered one of my favorites this season.
  • Nonetheless Cool – Liz will get able to rescue Harold, Ressler, and Aram and lead them out of the constructing. Tadashi walks her via the right way to disable the locks on the doorways the place the workforce is being held and convey down the general Publish Workplace safety feeds whereas attending the promenade!!! You’re a man amongst males, Tadshi Ito. Your date? You’re so out of her league. The workforce escapes and is being guided to an exit by Liz when they’re recaptured by Anna’s minion, Sandquist. Anna figures that the most secure place to imprison them is contained in the dice/field factor they held Rel in after they thought he was Crimson within the first episode of the present. Oh no, proper? Fallacious. As a result of Liz, Relya, and the loopy Germans have a plan. The Shadow 5 arrive on the Publish Workplace with Rel and strong-arm their well beyond the guard, then start to construct an enormous bomb. Tadashi switches the safety cams from the loop they’ve been on to a dwell feed, which exhibits Anna that everybody will probably be going BOOM shortly. Sandquist and his goons run via the power towards the bomb, which is all they should do. Liz and Rel present up, ask Aram for the code to the dice/field, then launch them they usually all amble away. Crimson tells Ruddiger to cancel the bomb, and he and the 5 take off. Anna is bewildered and pissed, as a result of she instructed the President all was good and it simply isn’t.
  • Calm and glad – Relya takes the workforce to a pleasant underground eating room the place a repast awaits them. You may’t foil a Presidential assassination on an empty abdomen, and it’s been a attempting day. Aram digs proper into the French Toast Kabobs, and if I used to be there, I’d not be far behind. Throughout this time everyone seems to be simply consuming and chilling and planning. All are secure in the intervening time. I prefer it. Harold will get Liz and Ressler quickly assigned to the MPD out of doors safety for the occasion, Vontae (!) will get from associates collectively to perform a little rioting exterior the controversy (paid, after all). Aram poses as a scholar on the College the place the controversy is being held so he can hack the surveillance feeds to seek out the sniper and Harold will loom exterior in a hat and sun shades giving a play-by-play to Rel. Rel additionally takes Ressler apart to see if he is aware of extra in regards to the individuals who questioned him about Katerina. Ressler doesn’t know something greater than that the automotive has diplomatic plates, and tells Relya that Liz instructed him his secret and that he plans to maintain it. Rel thanks him, then wanders off to let occasions happen as they’ll.
  • – Who is that fairly enticing man Relya is chatting with? I’m pondering a brother (his or Katerina’s) or probably a cousin. One other one that is aware of the actual story of Katerina and probably who Reyla is (I simply don’t care anymore) if he isn’t Relya. They chat and check out to determine why Grandpa Dom instructed Liz that story. Why didn’t he simply inform her the reality? Relya is extra relaxed than I’ll have ever seen him. He loves this man, and this man loves Rel. They are saying it to 1 one other as in the event that they’ve recognized each other all of their lives and it is a truth. Although the entire thought of Katerina being alive looms over them, I’m hoping this man is a pleasant addition to Rel’s story.
  • Involved – The MPD is concerned within the riot that Rel and the Crew deliberate and Liz and Ressler get inside, ostensibly to assist the guards defend the constructing however to actually discover and disarm the murderer (Sandquist). Aram is guiding them via the safety feeds, they usually cease the President from being shot. His spouse, nevertheless, is not so fortunate, and is shot within the shoulder. Sandquist had Diaz in vary a number of occasions, a transparent head shot like Diaz needed. Why didn’t he take the shot??? Oh, crap. Please inform me this isn’t a type of, “We determined to kill the First Girl as a substitute” twists. Diaz is livid that he’s alive(?) and that his spouse was shot. She’ll be nice, although. He’s not glad that issues didn’t work out, however is as happy as he could be about something that the Crew will take the autumn. Sandquist and Anna are each fairly certain that they didn’t know the actual plan. Which I now not care about.
  • Sighing – Liz, Aram, and Ressler are captured, handcuffed and stuffed in a safety van which then drives away. Oh please, please don’t be a type of “it’s the top of the road for you, we’re going to say that we killed you while you tried to flee” issues. Dammit, it’s. Annnd my curiosity is waning, as a result of I do know the workforce will survive and a number of other “dangerous” brokers will die.
  • Props – Harold calls Crimson and tells him that the others have been arrested so Crimson and his newish bodyguards zoom after them and ram his automotive into the aspect of the van, flipping it via the air and onto its aspect. Factors for originality. There’s a enormous shootout which features a flash grenade being thrown on the van the place the workforce was being saved (and which is of course leaking gasoline) and inflicting a giant explosion. Ressler kills Sandquist exhausting, which I’m certain felt nearly as good to him because it did to me. The others kill the opposite…brokers (this complete brokers killing brokers factor is simply improper on so many ranges), and each of Reyla’s males are shot.
  • Involved – Anna has Rel on the bottom, a gun proper towards the again of his cranium. The workforce says they’ll kill her if she kills him, however she doesn’t care. “No extra video games! No extra dishonest dying!” she shrills at Relya, and I truthfully thought she may shoot him and he’d find yourself in coma with a bullet in his mind when…
  • Unadulterated Pleasure – Dembe. DEMBE! DembeDembeDembe!!! He comes out of nowhere and shoots absolutely the hell out of Anna. Off along with her head! Or a minimum of, a big portion of her cranium. I am amazed that Rel’s beautiful go well with and hat aren’t lined in her. I simply…Dembe. I did a fist pump when he appeared onscreen and shouted his title so loudly my husband got here to see if I used to be all proper. The crew masses Relya’s bodyguards into the automotive and take them to the hospital. Dembe.
  • Comfortable and Foreshadowing – The gang is again of their underground eating room and Relya is on the telephone. He tells Dembe that considered one of his males will probably be all proper however the different, Morgan, continues to be contact and go. Dembe says that Morgan is robust, then tells Crimson that their “good friend” in Miami says that the Townsend Directive is in play. Apparently it’s important, however not as important as Dembe coming again. Dembe tells Relya that he needed to observe his personal path, and that path led again to him. So now we will really feel a bit teary and get an thought of what an episode subsequent season will probably be about.
  • Not. Comfortable. – Through the use of bottles of condiments Ressler determines that the murderer wasn’t aiming for the President however the First Girl. Okay, please don’t let this be a type of “she was the goal/the President needed her out of the best way” tropes.
  • Time to brush my enamel – Sure, sure, it’s. A barely longer than two-minute dialog with FLOTUS tells us that the President killed a lady and her baby whereas driving drunk. The cash POTUS took from Constantine Rostov (the $$ Relya blackmailed him about) wasn’t used for the election to purchase the presidency, however for a fixer to be sure that his status remained spotless. His spouse has a soul, nevertheless, and he or she needed him to show himself in. In a twist that surprises me, FLOTUS goes to the fixer to get paperwork and recordings in regards to the accident. Due to this, POTUS tries to kill her.
  • Hours of my life I’ll by no means get again – So, was the File only a well-thought-out work of fiction? Was he ever planning to kill himself? Why was she okay with it? Properly, okay, I suppose I do know why. All we get in the long run is a loser who tries to kill his spouse as a result of he doesn’t have a conscience. I’m baffled, but disinterested.
  • No matter – The President resigns, and I assume will shortly be served with divorce papers. Harold reminds him that the FBI will then open a legal investigation. Diaz nods. He tries accountable Reddington, however he did all of it to himself.
  • This is not going to finish nicely – Agnes is dwelling! I nonetheless that is an extremely dangerous thought, however she certain is cute. I’m anticipating that in some unspecified time in the future in S7 she’ll be used as a pawn and kidnapped or one thing.
  • Katerina lives – Once more, duh. How may Relya not know that? The stranger man (who calls him Raymond, which I suppose everybody does in his world. Even previous associates with toy vans.) finds out all about her and confirms she’s alive in like ½ a day, and Rel by no means bothered to have him examine earlier than??? She’s in Paris, so off Relya goes to seek out her. This is perhaps good.
  • Huh – For some motive Relya finds Katerina meandering down a Paris road, seemingly alone. He shouts out her title and comes operating as much as her (is he excessive proper now? What’s he DOING??) they usually embrace. She desires to know if it’s secure, and Relya tells her she isn’t secure. They kiss some extra, then she stabs him and has him stuffed right into a van that’s apparently at her disposal with a few males who’re by no means removed from her. Now I’m . I figured that somebody would get stabbed, and it was 50/50 that she’d be the one who stabbed first. Fascinating.

Given the good starting, I believe we have been robbed by not having the File imply something (or perhaps it does) and that this ended up being the husband tries to kill spouse factor. It gave the impression of an fascinating idea, and I truthfully assume that regardless of the File was that Anna believed in it. For no matter motive, she and others thought they have been doing the proper factor by serving to Diaz kill himself. The shortage of a Vice President character (who theoretically ought to have been in on the entire scheme, since they might be the one who’d should do no matter got here after the assassination) ought to have raised a crimson flag. There have been some nice, coronary heart pounding moments on this episode, however the finish left me feeling unfulfilled. And wanting french toast.

I’m enthusiastic about what is going to occur with Relya and Katerina, and what elements of what Dom instructed Liz have been true. However I hope we don’t spend all season on it. Let’s have some episodes like this within the Fall, however with stunning endings. Please, please, let’s let Elizabeth be an agent for some time.

Take care!

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